It just happens that someday, sometimes you feel like giving up, dumping everything, run away... Just disappear! Hang up the phone. Throw it in the sea. Just like in those theatrical movie scenes where the character thrusts the phone so angrily his arm breaks. What follows, feels like Nirvana. The oxygen hits your face, the benefits are almost divine. 


But we do not have the luxury to do anything like that!


We are stuck here, willingly or not. Feels like a chain made of obligations. We're engaged in this reality, which might not be the best. Surrounded by people with whom we might not share the same mind frequencies. And so on, the daylight spells get destroyed one after another by being "responsible". Here, at the office, at home, with him, her, there, nowhere...


How to get rid of the killer whirlpool routine that molds our minds and ages our soul?!


Huh, try cooking that orange cake you recently read online; or that yummy fennel and pine-nuts salad.  Plant a new flower, refresh your veranda. Then make some tea... Drink some wine later. Invite friends home, and so on... Chin up.  These are options that do not require much organization, expense, or drama.


And after that, if you can- Grab your car keys and drive away.


I'm not talking about mind-blowing luxury travels, or private jets, expensive meals, exclusive places. The fact that you couldn't afford to disappear for months in the Indian Ocean coral shores, makes you less ambitious and less adventurous.


Travel nearby, find the nearest green lawn and take off your shoes, feel the grass.


We often talk about HOW, WHERE, WHEN to travel, but almost never about WHY to travel.  Okay! So you like traveling, going places, jumping into new adventures, meeting new people, hanging out and about, try new foods and tastes. Yeah- but WHY?! 


You like it because it heals you. Even the air feels different on sweet escapes. The idea of having the head in the clouds INDEED heals our mind.



Copyright 2018 ©Meri Dishnica