Regardless of the endless books written about love, the sonnets, visual arts, the movies, our experiences and the ones of our friends- still, we’re not able to define love or to speak fluently when asked about it. The option “Complicated’  marks the right answer-Almost everytime.


Yes! It’s complicated!

Each of us is “bewildered” in a very unique way! 


Love is confused with flirting, romance, perhaps with commitment, or convenience. Such a mess that we often are left with no love- thus more bewildered!  


Some of us may have been involved so deeply that we might have revealed many things a little too soon. Just because we have been too passionate, enthusiastic amateurs, idealistic dreamers, and in the end- Great losers.


For some people, things have turned out badly because they've simply met “the right ones” at the wrong moment.  How many great loves have we walked by and not catch a single glimpse of them?! Tempo is everything and chance is a real “bugger”. “Tell me who are you? Have I ever met you? Remember my eyes?”
Others may have erred because they have been “stuck” in a stupid affair, justifying behaviors and putting so much faith in the wrong people. They kept believing in vain for better vibes- but the tale never got that interesting to make them smile.  


Some people got bewildered enough to leave on time before they get “into love”. Just because they were not yet ready to love the scary challenging person they’re falling with.  These rather end up with someone more suitable, less challenging. They've lied to their own heart- They've sold their soul.


Nevertheless, no matter how bewildered we've all been, falling in and out of love never lost its cool.  To be consciously willing to get into trouble and jump into new mistakes- Rejoice!  Life offers many chances for us to waste and the same as much to clean up the mess! 


Copyright 2018 ©Meri Dishnica