But what does it mean to be flexible? Well, that's tough to define! Some people are flexible when changing dinner plans in a blink of an eye. Others look flexible in the way they dress. Some are flexible as they skip a subject at a right time. Others change their mind like thunder hits a clear sky. Some get stuck on a subject and a mindset- And oh, the latter's are terribly boring. 


There's scientific proof suggesting that being emotionally flexible improves our mental wellbeing. The most cynical of you may say- Yes, dear. I know that! If so, how come you find yourself numbed in the middle of a crowd, scared by new stimulus and changes. Even the beginnings tremble you. 


The thing is that "Being Flexible" is more assumed and less applied. 


To nobly and creatively face the unknown, the changes, and the new stimulus, it's not an easy task.

That requires personal development and some sort of adoption- It even might require to lower down your walls, and maybe unset the rules that you've already set, to change course, and means. It can be so painful it hurts!


But you have to do it to survive.  Life is full of changes- What are you going to do? 

You going to ignore the new stimulus, or worse- Are you going to fight them? 

Yeah, keep stubbornly fighting them and they’ll ruin your matra, your equilibrium, you will end up losing time and energy, lower performance- you may lose a job, we may lose someone. Only because you failed to be flexible! 


You may choose to just- run away. It’s the easiest way. A coward uses to run away. Those who are not flexible, run away. Even those who have chosen a shortcut- run away. 

But how about you run along with the flow?! Face the changes, obstacle after obstacle, by focusing on attaining the innermost personal benefits from it. 


Have you ever been completely awed by the flexibility of a graceful ballet dancer or gymnast as they do the split?!


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